Infomak is dedicated to the technology development of special oil additives, combined the Technology of nanomaterials developed dry lubricant and oil additives two series. Our products can significantly improve the performance of lubricating oil, improve energy efficiency, effectively protect the lubrication device and extend the oil change cycle, which can satisfy the lubrication oil constantly upgrading for high-end engine oil additives.

Dry Lubricant And Oil Additives Supplier

Dry lubricant and oil additives two major series of products can be widely used in internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil, grease, gear oil, liquid metal processing, such as a variety of lubricating oil, to provide you with more energy-saving and environmental protection of the best oil additives.

Infomak regards products as the basis for survival and development based on the market and serving the society, and consciously achieves high quality and excellent service. Infomak is based on the construction of environmentally friendly enterprises, focusing on the identification of application of environmental technologies such as reduction, recycling, recycling, reuse, and remanufacturing to achieve harmony in business development and environmental protection. In the internal construction of the enterprise, the basic principles of “source control and essential priority” are adopted to control and control energy conservation and emission reduction, reaching the advanced level at home and abroad.